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  Fall  2014  

by A.R. Gurney

November 20, 22

Thursday at 7pm

Saturday at 1pm and 7pm


Plot:  A series of 18 short scenes, spanning several decades, all take place in the titular family gathering place of various upper-middle class homes. As the characters' stories unfold and overlap, the play presents a picture of the rise and decline of northeastern WASP culture as the rooms' inhabitants explore the importance of family and tradition in vignettes ranging from comic to serious. Most company members play two or more roles, and the production features a rotating cast so that each performance will feature a different combination of student actors. 


Montclair State University Theatre Night Awards 


  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama: Calvin Rezen as Father, Ted, Jim

  • Outstanding Stage Crew

  • Outstanding Scenic Design: Tom Lupfer & Adam Farnan

  • Outstanding Lighting Design: Erin O'Brien


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