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Associate Student Choreographer

  • Requirements: 

    • Have participated in two PV Theatre musicals prior to H2$

    • Choreograph four counts of 8 to "Brotherhood of Man", "A Secretary is Not a Toy", or "Paris Original". Use the 2011 recording as your music.  Teach choreography to members of the cast on Monday 12/18. 

Position Description

  • The student choreographer should be: 


                  -A leader



                  -A team player 



  • The associate student choreographer will work closely with the production team in developing choreography for a variety of musical numbers in H2$. Depending on how many students are appointed to this position and the needs of the production staff, a student choreographer may be asked to choreograph an entire piece or may be asked to collaborate with staff choreographers on larger numbers. The student choreographer is expected to be able to not only produce original choreography, but also to effectively teach and train the cast, all while being hyper aware of the varying dance abilities within the cast. If appointed to this position, you should expect to be available as a resource for your peers any time throughout the entire rehearsal process. You must also be comfortable taking on a substantial leadership role among your peers and be prepared for all challenges that may accompany that role. 

Dance Captain

  • Requirements: 

    • Have participated in two PV Theatre musicals prior to H2$ OR have 5+ years of formal dance training  

    • Assist during 12/18 rehearsals led by choreographer candidates: You will be expected to take questions from the cast, clarify choreography, etc. 

Position Description

  • A dance captain should be: 

    • Attentive

    • Responsible 

    • A leader

    • Proactive

    • Mature

    • A good communicator

  • Dance captains will be responsible for leading stretching and warm-ups at all dance rehearsals, meaning that they will be expected to start rehearsals 15 minutes prior to when the choreographer plans to begin teaching. As dance captain, you should be prepared to ensure that the cast members who are participating in that day's rehearsals are on stage and warmed up by the time teaching begins. You will be responsible for knowing all choreography, including numbers that you do not appear in, meaning that you will need to be present at every dance rehearsal (note that if there are one or two rehearsals you are not able to attend because you are excused or have a vocal/scene rehearsal at that time, you may send someone in your place to learn the choreography and teach it to you). This also means that if there are multiple parts of one dance number, you are expected to know every part. Dance captains should be prepared to answer all questions that cast members have about any choreography and staging. Dance captains should also serve as the liaison between the cast and choreographers, communicating cast members' concerns and questions regarding dance rehearsals, choreography, etc. appropriately and responsibly. If chosen for this role, understand that you are expected to take initiative; during down time at rehearsals, you are expected to round up cast members to run through dance numbers that need extra work, provide feedback, and answer questions/instruct when needed. ​

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