Checklist for all Actors

Please read and complete BEFORE recording.

  •  You must use your Pascack Valley issued laptop.

  • Your laptop must be fully charged.

  • You have wired or wireless earbuds within your filming location. You must wear these in order to film your scene.

  • If you are using bluetooth earbuds (AirPods or Mpow Flame):

    • They are fully charged

    • They are paired with Bluetooth

  • Audio Setup

    • Quicktime:

      • System Preferences > Sound > Output > AirPods or Mpow Flame

      • System Preferences > Sound > Input > Internal Microphone

    • Zoom Audio:

      • Sometimes when changing the default audio settings, Zoom also defaults to the computer’s defaults. Please double check in Zoom that:

        • Output > AirPods or Mpow Flame

        • Input > Internal Microphone

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Save and close all programs that are running in the background. Zoom and QuickTime are the only applications that should be running.