PV Theatre Gear

Show your pride with high quality PV Theatre gear. Choose among a large variety of items from t-shirts to a stadium blanket. All items are black unless otherwise noted, and adorned with the PV Theatre Logo. 


Some items are in stock and are available for immediate delivery. Otherwise, bulk orders are made only twice a year: once in November and

once in March.


IMPORTANT: If you have time requirement for delivery (holiday, birthday, vacation), please contact our PV Theatre Gear coordinator at info@pvhstheatre.org to verify availability before placing your order!


• Order online with major credit card by completing form at right.

• A wide array of in-stock PV Theatre Gear is for sale in the lobby during performances.

• Want to order your PV Theatre gear "old school?" No problem! Order by cash or check by downloading, completing and sending in the form below.