Audition                                    Process       

Vocal Audition

Monday 11/29- 3:30-6pm (by sign-up for audition slots only)

-All students must sign up for a time slot (4 minutes). Please check-in with stage management in the hallway outside the choir room at least 10 minutes before your scheduled audition time. Stage management may adjust the time you go in to audition if needed, to optimize everyone's time.

  • You should prepare a musical theatre song that is NOT from You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown. We provide an accompanist. Sheet music is required (lyric sheets, guitar ‘tab’, and lead sheets are not acceptable). 

  • Songs should be Contemporary Musical Theatre (post-1960), no pop/rock

  • We want to hear upbeat character songs, 

  • Most of the songs we have on the suggested list below are simple, straight forward, and "sunny" in nature, much like the characters in "Charlie Brown".

Examples of Songs that Would be Good for this Audition

(Yes, you could use any of these, or find something like them that fits the criteria):

-The Lamest Place in the World- 13                                                               -Purpose- Avenue Q

-BFF, Simple Sponge, Best Day Ever- The Spongebob Musical                   -Travel Song, Morning Person- Shrek

-Magic Foot- Spelling Bee                                                                             -Corner of the Sky- Pippin

-Moving Too Fast, A Part of That- The Last Five Years                                -I Love Betsy- Honeymoon in Vegas

-Not for the Life of Me- Thoroughly Modern Millie                                    -Nothing- A Chorus Line

-It Won't Be Long Now- In the Heights                                                        -Michael in the Bathroom- Be More Chill

-Learn Your Lessons Well- Godspell                                                             -Ireland- Legally Blonde

-Good Morning Baltimore- Hairspray                                                           -The One Feathered Tail, For You- Seussical

-If My Friends Could See Me Now- Sweet Charity

-You must have sheet music (no lyric sheets, or chord charts) for your song. Please mark your start & end points so the accompanist can follow along. 

-Upon entering the stage, please SAY HI and then hand your sheet music to the accompanist. They are there to help you. Share your start/end points (that you marked), and give a quick sense of your tempo-- do not conduct-- tap it out on the piano, sing a few bars-- just so they can get a sense of how you are approaching the song.

-Come center stage and find your light (if you cannot see the audience/feel 'blinded', you are in the right spot). Say hello and offer your "slate". A slate is: your name, the title of your song/show it is from. 

-Once you are done singing, wait a moment-- the staff may have a question for you, they may want to hear more-- they will say thank you/let you know you are done. Don't run away!

-When gathering your sheet music, be sure to thank the accompanist.

​​Dance Auditions

This is required for everyone who is auditioning. 

3:30-6pm-- Tuesday 11/30 (If you are in Bro Squad, you can come after that rehearsal ends at 5pm)

-Dress to dance (comfortable clothes, no jeans), wear shoes that are easy to move in.

-You will be taught a short dance routine, and will perform it in groups.

-This is not a difficult/complicated dance show, so it will be a basic audition.


- All students who audition are guaranteed an opportunity to participate onstage. However, callbacks for principal roles are held by invitation only. A callback list will be posted on the PV Theatre Backstage Website.  

-Vocal callbacks will consist of singing music from the score of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. We will post the song sides in advance--- the more familiar you are with the content, the better!

-Callback sides for final callbacks will be posted on the PV Theatre Backstage Website. Preview this text in advance! Being familiar with the plot and characters will be vital during this process.

-If you have any questions about the audition scenes or the play, ASK. We want to help you understand this text and do good work with it!

Rehearsal Process

  • Rehearsals will occur (for the most part) Monday-Friday (3-5:30pm) and on Saturdays (10am-4pm). Early rehearsals last 2½ hours and will include any combination of warmups, table work, character work, scene-blocking, learning vocal music, learning dance sequences and feedback. 

  • Students auditioning for the show should prepare to have rehearsal 4-5 days per week (leads) or 2-3 days/week (ensemble). 

  • Please note that rehearsals for the month of FEBRUARY and MARCH will be longer-- extending until 7pm, 8pm, or 10pm, depending on the date.

  • Some dates on the production calendar are mandatory rehearsals. Please block these dates out- there can be NO conflicts (lessons, practices, SAT prep, religious meetings, doctor's appointments, etc.).  

-Read the casting policy & philosophy the production team uses.

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