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International Thespian Society Purpose 


The primary objective of the International Thespian Society is to promote and strengthen school theatre by recognizing and rewarding excellence. The society strives, alongside educators, advocates, and artists, to make theatre an instrument of lifelong learning. I.T.S. also serves as the eyes, ears, and voice of the school theatre community, advocating a stronger role for theatre education in the curriculum.


                            President                            Kelly Donlan

                            Vice President                    Meghan Roberts

                            Secretary                            Evelyn Jansen

                            Treasurer                            Star Arias

                            Social Media Chair            Ioanna Tsompanellis

                            Troupe Director                 Mr. Tom Lupfer

                            Honorary Member             Mrs. Merielle Lupfer

Past Presidents: 

Lauren Kalfus '22, Katelyn Eror '21, Gus Koeniges '20, Rachel Brunn '19, Amy Santo '18, Ariana Aguero '17, Anastasia Maltsev '16, Michelle Verkhoglaz '15, Katie Collins '14, Dylan Jones '13, Kelsey McGrail '12, Maja Kruegle '11, Allison Bergstein '10, Courtney Farrell '09


Star Arias, Cyan Armstrong, Kayden Caleca, Ryan Campbell, Nicole Darian, Abby DiSalvo, Kelly Donlan, Xander Duffus, Brianna Finch, Michael Flatley, Shaelyn Gilmour, Lily Heller, Evie Higgins, Joe Holland, Evelyn Jansen, Samantha Lagrosa, Sophia Lambrinos, Michaela Leibfried, Wendy Muska,  Meghan Roberts, Max Sobel, Ioanna Tsompanellis, Danielle Weiss

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