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2022 Fall Play FAQs

Q: What is Museum about?

A: Playwright Tina Howe has said that this play is about the many ways art is consumed/experienced. 


Q: Okay. That's....a lot. What happens in it?

A: The play depicts the comings and goings of all the people who pass through a gallery of a modern art museum on the final day of a specific exhibit. 


Q: So, what happens?

A: A lot. But there isn't one central story. Instead, we see little slices of the lives of all these characters as they  experience the exhibit. 


Q: "All these characters"? How many characters are we talking about here?

A: More than 40.

Q: There are going to be more than 40 people in the play?

A: Maybe. It depends on how many people audition. The original production (done at the NY Shakespeare Festival at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park) had 18 actors who each played multiple roles. The last time we did it we had a cast of 42.

Q: The last time?

A: Yep! PV Theatre did Museum in the fall of 2008. Check out some photos here.

Q: Is there video?

A: It's easy to find on YouTube, actually.

Q: Should I watch it?

A: Read the script first. Please. Here it is: MUSEUM SCRIPT If you watch video first, you're going to get other actors versions of these characters in your head. We want your interpretations of the roles in this year's production! There were lots of fine performances in the 2008 PV version, but we do not want to recreate that production of the show.

Q: So we won't use the same set design or prop design or costumes or staging? What you did last time?

A: Nope. There might be some similarities, but this will be a new production based, in part, on your ideas!

Q: How will we come up with new ideas?

A: Start by reading the script, then do some research on modern art. Modern art is varied, plentiful, and fascinating. Lupfer & She-Lup became infatuated with modern art after the 2008 Museum (Lupfer's leg tattoo was inspired by this show & modern art), and we still loving going to see modern art with our daughters.

Q: Where can I see some modern art in person?

A: The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is in Manhattan. We hope to take you on a field trip there this fall!

Q: So is this play all artsy and serious?

A: This play is a comedy, actually, Some wacky stuff happens. There are terrific opportunities for physical comedy, as well as a chance for several of you to do some really in-depth character work (a skill that we want everyone to have the chance to work on this Fall).

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