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How to audition for Peter/Wendy


1) Come to the required Fall Play Participant Meeting on Thursday, September 7th @7pm in the auditorium. 

2) Fill out the audition form and casting questionnaire.

3) Complete the conflict form

**If you have not completed your ALL forms when you arrive for your audition, you will be asked to reschedule for a different time slot. You MUST have all paperwork complete to audition. 


4) Sign up for an audition slot (4 minutes, on Monday 9/11 between 3:30-5:30pm). Please arrive in the back hallway (outside the choir room) AT LEAST 10 minutes before your assigned time on Monday 9/11. A stage manager will check you in.

5) Prepare an audition side. If you are sharing a side with more than one character, you can prepare/present with a friend, or, you can read with a stage manager who is serving as audition reader.

6) ALL AUDITIONEES WILL JOIN US ON Thursday 9/14 from 3:30-4:15pm for a movement audition. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in.  

7) Be prepared to attend callbacks (Thurs 9/14 from 4:15-5:30pm), if invited. A list will be posted on this site.


Things we are looking for in your audition: 

-Can you speak clearly? Can we understand what you are saying?

-Are you dressed neatly & professionally?

-When you enter, please "slate"-- say your name, your grade, and the scene/role that you are performing.

-Look for the X on the floor-- it will be in the light.

-Try to remember: an audition is an opportunity to share something you love doing. If you can frame it that way, it shouldn't be scary-- it should be fun!

**If you have a conflict on Monday or Thursday, please email Lupfer to discuss.**


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