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 Fall 2017

by Stephen Gregg
November 16-18, 2017

Thursday at 7pm

Friday at 7pm

Saturday at 1pm and 7pm

CRUSH is set in an isolated town in California that has been losing businesses and population for years following a string of bad decisions by the town council. The story follows a teenage boy named Bark, who is returning to school following a breakdown and a stint in an in-patient mental health facility. He is excited to see his friends and audition for the school’s fall play, OUR TOWN, but the presence of a new girl named Aspen complicates things. When Aspen is around, Bark hears voices that other people don’t hear. It turns out that they belong to five alien creatures that are attached to Aspen but invisible to everyone in town. As the story unfolds, Bark has to convince friends and family that they have to believe more than what they see, and everyone in the town learns something about life and love.


Featuring moments of slapstick and more subtle humor too, CRUSH is a sci-fi romantic comedy for all ages that features a climactic scene that incorporates the entire audience.


Montclair State University Foxy Awards


Outstanding Work of Innovation and Invention

Outstanding Stage Direction-- Tom and Merielle Lupfer

Outstanding Achievement in Choreography or Movement

Outstanding Achievement in Lighting Design -- Erin O'Brien

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Design -- Jon Melchiorre

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