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PV Theatre Casting Policy


The Directors always strive to cast students in the roles to which they are best suited for a particular production.  The guiding objective is always to assemble the overall cast that will best serve the directorial vision for the show. This requires many hours of careful analysis by the Directors, who take their responsibilities in this area very seriously.


A rigorous and thoughtful audition process allows students multiple opportunities to showcase their talents, and allows the Directors to determine which performer best fits each role according to their concept for the show. This “best fit” policy is a firm programmatic value that has guided our casting for many years.  It allows students across grade levels the best possible chance to collaborate and develop their theatrical skills.  PV Theatre casting decisions are not based on seniority (grade level in school), or years of participation in the program.


In addition to audition-based factors, casting may be affected by a student's availability for rehearsals and the evidence of effort and attitude put forth during the audition process.  If a student's other extracurricular commitments conflict with our rehearsal schedule, they will be given a role of an appropriate size for their availability so that they may optimize their time.  Students who display a willingness to take risks onstage, an ability to follow direction, an agreeable and positive attitude, and clear evidence of having prepared for their audition will always be looked upon more favorably.


The only time seniority may come into play is if all of the factors in the previous paragraph are exactly equal in two auditionees.  Then, and only then, would the older or more experienced performer be given the role.


The Directors know that auditioning for a show can be daunting. In keeping with the program's emphasis on theatre as a vehicle for learning and individual development, Mr. & Mrs. Lupfer make themselves available to coach and support students as they seek to improve their speaking, presentation, and performance skills through the audition process. We also offer large group audition seminars for each production.


On Casting


All students who want to participate as cast members in a PV Theatre show, and complete the audition process, will be cast. Due to the large audition pool PV Theatre shows typically experience, your child’s audition does not guarantee him or her a speaking role in the show.  If your student has any questions about how and why they were cast in their role, it is strongly suggested that he or she meet with the Directors.  We are happy to explain our thinking in the casting process, discuss the strengths of their audition, and advise them on what they might work on improving for the future.


Parents are a vital support to students in the process and results of casting.  Prior to auditions, your student should be practicing their audition material at home.  Once casting is complete, additional support may be required.  The nature of any competitive environment is such that some students who enter the situation with high hopes and great confidence may come out disappointed.  Please encourage your student to meet with the Directors, find out why they’ve been cast in their role, and then do the best possible work they can on that role.  In theatre, as in life, there are triumphs and letdowns.  We hope that through auditioning students will learn to deal with both, and leave Pascack Valley better prepared to navigate the path toward success in a complex world.  The old adage applies: the show is only as strong as the weakest member of its cast.  Every single performer is a crucial part of the production, and has the opportunity to deepen their talents, learn new skills, and form lasting bonds with the other members of the company.

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