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  Spring 2015  

March 19, 21, 22

Thursday at 7pm

Saturday at 1pm and 7pm

Sunday at 1pm



Music & Lyrics by Cole Porter, Book by Guy Bolton,P. G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsay and Russel Crouse


Romance is in the air on the ocean liner SS American, but it's far from smooth sailing for the passengers. Billy Crocker (senior Lukas Kruegle) is on board to say goodbye to his boss, Wall Street tycoon Elisha J. Whitney (freshman Patrick Shell) when he spots Hope Harcourt (senior Alexandra Brennan) on deck. She is the "one that got away" and when Billy learns she is sailing to Europe with her mother, Mrs. Harcourt (junior Laura Santo), to marry Sir Evelyn Oakleigh (sophomore Ben Daniel) he decides to stow away and steal her back.

Billy's unlikely accomplices are gangster Moonface Martin (senior Calvin Rezen) and his moll, Bonnie (senior Tyler Halligan) who are on the run from the law, and his old friend, Reno Sweeney (junior Margaret Capone) a nightclub singer who is traveling with her bevy of backup singers and dancers, the Angels, played by seniors Nicole Bellmay, Alexis Parsells, Michelle Verkhoglaz and Alyssa Zoll; junior Anastasia Maltsev and freshman Jessica Snyder.

The cast falls in and out of love, dons disguises, and sings and dances their way across the Atlantic to a memorable score that includes favorite songs such as, "It's De-Lovely," "You're the Top," "Friendship," and, "Anything Goes."




Paper Mill Playhouse Rising Star Awards 

  • WINNER: Student Acheivement Award -- Student Choreographers/Dance Captains -- Tyler Halligan and Alyssa Zoll

  • Outstanding Hair and Makeup Design, Honorable Mention  Joyce & Jen Biener


Helen Hayes HS Metros Awards


  • WINNER: Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Musical: Calvin Rezen as Moonface Martin



  • Outstanding Overall Production of a Musical

  • Outstanding Direction: Tom and Merielle Lupfer

  • Outstanding Musical Direction: Michael Mahadeen

  • Outstanding Leading Actor in a Musical: Lukas Kruegle as Billy Crocker

  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Musical: Tyler Halligan as Bonnie Latour

  • Outstanding Acting Performance- Female: Alexandra Brennan as Hope Harcourt

  • Outstanding Vocal Performance: Maggie Capone as Reno Sweeney

  • Outstanding Instrumentalist: Chandni Shah, Violin

  • Outstanding Chorus

  • Outstanding Scenic Design: Tim DiGregorio

  • Technical Merit Award: Melissa Gargiulo (Costume Designer & Props Mistress)

  • Technical Merit Award: Ariana Aguero (Production Stage Manager)


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