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What is Peter/Wendy about?

The play is a theatrical retelling of the Peter Pan story.


Why did you select this title?

We (Lupfer & She-Lup) have always been fascinated by the Peter Pan story, and find this adaptation to be creative in it's storytelling, and that it offers lots of different ways to participate-- there will be movement sections, some of the characters have monologues where they directly address the audience-- it's a beautiful way to tell this story.

How long is the play?

We estimate it will be 75-80 minutes long, with no intermission.

What should we do to prepare for the auditions?

1) Read the play! Here is a PDF of the script.

2) This fall, we are requiring ALL students interested in participating in the Fall Play to attend a brief audition seminar/info meeting with a parent on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7th at 7pm. We will outline what participation in the play will look like, and how to prepare for auditions.


High School Musical??!! How did you pick High School Musical???

The production team spent ​3 or 4 loooong meetings on Zoom trying to figure out what the best fit was for this year's cast. We looked at a list of 100+ possibilities, and seriously considered 4-5 different titles-- none of which were HSM. Then, we realized that HSM has the perfect combination for this group:

-Lots of roles, many of "student" age.

-A chance to build upon your dance experience from Chicago.

-A musical challenge

-Opportunities for students to participate in our Pit Band alongside professional musicians. 

-Many people asked us after Chicago-- "That show was SO amazing-- what do you do after that??" We think a great approach is to pick a show that is SO different from Chicago, it's difficult to compare them.

What should we do to prepare for the auditions?

Nothing at all. We will hold an interest meeting in late October, where we will outline what you need to do, and how to prepare for auditions (at the end of November). 

But really, what can I do?

OK, fine. Watch the movie again, and listen to the soundtrack. 

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